Mission Statement

The mission of the Peace Center of Delaware County is to:

  • Create a welcoming community space dedicated to peace and justice.
  • Develop common resources in support of member organizations.
  • Nurture community within the peace, justice, and environmental movements.
  • Bring together organizations, families, and individuals working for peace in a variety of ways, including activism, human service, art, and spirituality.

The Peace Center is guided by the values of the Religious Society of Friends.

  • RELATIONSHIP TO FRIENDS:  The Peace Center operates within the physical space of the Springfield Friends Meeting House and is a project of the Springfield Monthly Meeting of Friends, under the care of Chester Quarterly Meeting of Friends.
  • GOVERNANCE:  The Peace Center Steering Committee serves as the governing body of the Peace Center.  It is responsible for overseeing the use of the physical space, developing program activities, reviewing and approving requests from prospective member organizations, and managing funds and finances of the Center.
  • STEERING COMMITTEE COMPOSITION:   The Peace Center Steering Committee shall be comprised of a representative of the Springfield Monthly Meeting of Friends, a representative of Chester Quarterly Meeting, representatives of the member organizations which would like to seat someone on the Steering Committee, and members of the community at-large as invited by the Steering Committee, at least one of whom is a member of the Society of Friends.   While representatives from the member organizations should feel free to convey their groups’ concerns to the Steering Committee, their role on the Steering Committee is to serve in the interests of the Peace Center as whole.
  • DECISION MAKING & PROCESS:   The Steering Committee shall make all decisions by consensus.  Meeting facilitation shall rotate among Steering Committee members.